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Terms & Condition

  1. Online Career Class: Is a live streaming webinar from Campuspedia which is held through the Zoom Cloud Meeting application.
  2. Participants will receive an email notification, where the contents of the email are a link to the participant's dashboard and also a link to join the telegram group.
  3. Webinar links, modules, exams, and other exclusive facilities will be updated automatically through the dashboard of each participant.
  4. Requirements to get a certificate, participants must take an exam first, and get points above 60.
  5. When registering through the Zoom application, participants MUST register the same name at the time of ticket purchase.
  6. Participants can join 15 minutes before the event starts.
  7. Tickets that have been purchased cannot be canceled, returned, or cashed or resold in any way & for any reason to others.
  8. There is no substitute for classes for participants who are unable to attend. By buying this ticket, it means that the participant has agreed to the terms and conditions that apply.